I’m back !

Not that I ever really left. I did stop selling and shopping for people when I started working full time last October. Since I’m off for the summer and don’t start working again until September, I figure I’ll go back to selling and shopping. Currently I have a Marc by Marc Jacobs dress and a back pack by Kate Spade up for sale. I have more to sell it’s just a matter of me taking pictures and posting. I have a pair of Tory Burch jelly flats woman’s size 9 and three more wallets. One Tory Burch, one Junior Drake and one Louis Vuitton. Pictures will be up soon!

As in the past I am available for personal shopping, no request too little or too big. 347-404-2300 is my cell. Feel free to call or text me your requests. Those of you who have shopped with me in the past know how much I enjoy the thrill of the hunt when I’m set out to find a special something.

Ebay and the Thrift

I’ve been having great days at the thrift lately. Last week I scored a pair of Sartore lace up boots. (I had to google the name, they’re made in France I believe) and also a pair of Rag and Bone jeans. Unfortunately the jeans didn’t fit me so off to Ebay they went. They’re currently being bid on as we speak so I’m very happy about that. I’m surprised at how well I’ve been doing selling on Ebay. I mean I’m not ready to quit my day job or have Tommy quit his haha! But seriously this has been a minor dream of mine to sell the things I’ve discovered/found at the thrift. I love finding Free People clothes. They sell really well on Ebay. Although yesterday I found 2 Free People tops, one still with the 148.00 price tag on it from Macys. I’ve decided to keep the 2 tops and revel in my finds when I wear them. Yesterday I also scored a cute Coach accessory holder for one’s purse and Diesel jeans.  They’re not skinny jeans but for the fit and price I couldn’t say no.

The funny part is I was all set to take off yesterday to Manhattan and visit my favorite haunt there but last minute decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of rushing there and back in time for Samantha’s dismissal from school. So I stayed here on the Island and I’m so happy I scored!

I’ve discovered that the thrift store is quite possibly one of my all time favorite places to be. The people are nice for the most part but I’m not interested in making friends, only finding “treasures”. I keep my head down and search the racks blouse by blouse, shirt by shirt, pair of jeans by pair of jeans. There’s a comfort in having a goal and just concentrating on that goal. I’ll make small talk here and there with the other customers and staff but I find most people are in their own zone the way I am.

I usually don’t bother with jewelry because I don’t have an eye for it. My Aunt Marge had a great eye for jewelry and could spot a real gold bracelet or necklace a block away, no kidding. I believe my daughter Alyssa has that same gift because she spotted some great jewelry the last few times we’ve gone thrifting together.

If anyone has any requests that I find anything, feel free to email me at Nayaudo@aol.com or text me 347-404-2300. I’ll do my best to find what you’re looking for.

No Express Trains!

After I saw Nancy this past Tuesday I set out to thrift knowing we were expecting a big storm (today) so I wouldn’t be able to thrift on Thursday.  But…the trains weren’t running at the station I usually go to.  Man!  So walked the 7 Manhattan blocks my regular thrift store.  It was cold so I kept my head down, hands in pockets and made it.  Walking kept me pretty warm, well that and the wool scarf around my face :). 

I arrived at the Salvation army and immediately went to the shoe section and what do I see?  Louboutins!  Yes!  Oh my goodness I about squealed. 
They aren’t in the best shape (actually I’m tentatively planning to “strass” them/cover with crystals) but I do not care. I NEVER in my life thought I’d find Loubs at the thrift. I paid 7.99.

I then go to the women’s clothes section and after hunting and combing the racks I find this gorgeous sweater dress by Free People. I already had to promise my 15yr old daughter I would “share”. Fine.
free people sweater dress

Another find, a Splendid thermal long shirt that is cotton and oh so comfy!

So now I see the trains are running but only the local stops. Oh man. I’m way uptown. Instead of the express 2 or 3 train I usually take, I have no choice but to take the train running locally and stopping every 7 blocks or so. But what are you going to do, I have no idea what bus to take anyway. Finally I get to Chambers street to take the number 1 train to the ferry but it’s “delayed” according to the electronic sign at the subway platform. After freezing a few minutes and one granola bar later I decide I can walk to the subway rather than wait and be cold.

I’m emerge from the station at Chambers and West Broadway, ask a Con Ed worker which way to Broadway and I’m on my way down Chambers. Then I see it across the street. A Housing Works thrift store! No way! I ran to the store (yes I really did run). After looking around a bit and warming up I see them. Tory Burch Revas. Oh yes. I’ve been looking for these shoes for over a year now. They cost exactly what I have left budgeted to spend that day, yes! I want to skip to the check out but I contain myself.
tory burch

I then walk super fast to the ferry down Broadway, I don’t want to miss the 1:30 boat, I usually take the 1:00. Downtown is crowded as usual and I’m walking around people and dodging on coming people. Finally I get to the ferry terminal and the 1:30 boat is loading passengers. I see a man in front of me start running and as tired as I am, I run also. Let me tell you there is nothing like running for a ferry waiting for those sliding doors ahead of you to close. I made it! A successful thrift day *and* I made the boat!

I’m back!

<p>I’m back at this blog.  I know I’ve neglected it but life has been in the way.  Not much of an excuse since my blogs are supposed to be part of my life. <An update to my world is the acquisition of a body form/mannequin named Sophia!  She has made showing clothes 1000% more effective!  I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a “doll” since I was a little girl.  That’s exactly what Sophia is, a doll you can dress up, dress down, accessorize, etc…  Best purchase I’ve made and I am blessed to have a wonderful friend named Jenny who took the trip to Manhattan with me in this horrid, frigid cold weather we’ve been having.  I found Sophia on Craigslist and I didn’t want to go alone of course to get her.  So a huge shout out to Jenny!

Some “finds” with Sophia modeling:

french connection

French Connection zip up hooded sweater, Ivory color.  Size small

Ann Taylor loft

Ann Taylor Loft sweater white color, size xl.

kenji sweater with bcbg skirt

Kenji sweater button down with hood, size Medium.  BCBG Max Azaria leather mini, raspberry color, size 8.

owl sweater

Cozy sweater with Owl applique.  No tags, fits like a medium, IMO.  adorable!

vera wang

Vera Wang cardigan with one button closure.  Size small~gorgeous!

rehab sweater

Two tone sweater, front tan/back pink oversized size small.  By Rehab.

torn by Ronny Kobo

Dress by Torn by Ronny Kobo, gorgeous colors!  Size Medium

And last but not lease my Logo!!!  I’m very excited about this



If anyone is interested is any of the clothes I post here please don’t hesitate to contact me, all are available for purchase.

Going the Wrong way…

I was in Manhattan yesterday and again I screwed up getting to the Goodwill I wanted.  Unbelievable.  I got off at 72nd St. and walked to 79th, decided I was wrong and walked back to 72nd.  Do you believe this?  And I just wrote a post on my other  blog about Manhattan and no one wants to look out of place and people watching as a past time. Ha!  Well I think I would have been amusing to a people watcher yesterday.

Anyway I did make it to a Goodwill, not the one I wanted but it wasn’t meant to be, today at least.  I did well, in my opinion anyway.  And now I know which Goodwill I will be visiting the next time I’m in the city.  Oh my gosh I still can’t get over I walked 5 blocks both ways and I was wrong.  Sheesh!

A few of my scores:

Talbot leather/gold cap toe shoes.  I don’t think these were ever worn


Adriano Goldschmied denim, skinny leg!


And an awesome hooded Kenji sweater size M.


Wandering Manhattan

I was in Manhattan yesterday.  I stopped in my regular Salvation Army and scored a gorgeous Ted Baker long sweater.  I had no idea before this find how expensive that brand is If purchased retail!  Good gravey, lol.

I then went on a quest to find the Goodwill I visited 2 weeks ago.  I couldn’t find it.  Apparently I have no idea where I was 2 weeks ago.  Up and down Broadway on the upper west side I searched.  I did find a different Goodwill but I didn’t find anything there and IMO they were expensive, expensive for thrift anyway.  Plus they had no color that was half off.  What the heck??   I was disappointed to say the least.

What I did find today was a cool, funky top by Desigual.  It’s not something I would normally wear but I couldn’t leave it there ( famous last words I know)


A Ted Baker long sweater that I am so in love with but…I will part with if  the right buyer comes along 😉


Here are a few of my finds from previous fruitful days:


Theory blazer fits amazing!


Incredible boots by Maud Frizon.  I think they are pony hair?


Gorgeous pumps by Luca Luca, the most beautiful velvet ever and barely worn!

Thank you for stopping by, check out my website http://www.nayaudo.com!

More finds and the Love of the Thrift

Yes there’s more 🙂

Gorgeous Lapis maxi skirt with a handkerchief bottom.  I was shocked to find this as Lapis is sold at Anthropologie stores.  I’m double excited to wear this as I had gained weight and it no longer fit, but…I lost some weight and it fits again!

Gorgeous velvet and lace

Gorgeous velvet and lace

Adorable Nanette Lepore fabric tote.  it has a metal zipper on the outside pocket.  Manhattan Salvation Army.

Fabric tote

Fabric tote

I love this sweater coat by, love this name “Sleeping on Snow” also sold at Anthropologie stores.  This item is for sale, size Medium.  It is 3/4 sleeve and perfect for Fall !  Another Manhattan find.

Sleeping on Snow

Sleeping on Snow

I wish I could get explain the thrill of the thrift for me.  I grew up going to yard sales with my Grandfather.  Our Mom would be working on a Saturday and he would take my sister and I on the ferry (back in the day you could drive your car onto the ferry).  We would arrive in downtown Manhattan and Grandpa would drive us to these small, old coin collector stores.  My sister and I never minded, it was an adventure to us.  We were young, probably 7 and 5 yrs old.

Other Saturday mornings and Sundays after church we would go to yard sales or flea markets.  That was the best.  My Grandparents were both “collectors” and it was fun to see which Avon bottle Grandpa found.  Grandma collected stamps, honestly I found that  boring, her things usually came in the mail or directly from the post office.

Anyway that’s where my love of the thrift comes from 🙂

My First Post, new blog!

My first post about my thrift finds, so exciting :).  Some items are for sale and some are not.  If there’s anything you are interested in please contact me at Menayorcuilo@gmail.com or visit my website at http://www.nayaudo.com and use the “contact me” form.

First up are the most gorgeous shoes ever by Walter Steiger.  Pink suede, hand made in Italy.  The bottoms were unscuffed, no one wore these!  For whatever reason they were sitting in a thrift store on the upper West Side .

Hand made in Italy, unworn!!

Hand made in Italy, unworn!!

Next is what I call crazy pants by Just Cavalli

Love these!

Love these!

I almost fell over when I scored these True Religion in my size at the Goodwill, upper west side!

Low rise size 27

Low rise size 27

This is all for now!